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The $page variable seen in the examples above is one of a few API variables that ProcessWire provides to every template file. But $page is the one that you are likely to use most often. It contains all the fields present on the page being viewed. Every one of those fields can be referenced like the 'title' field above. I am looking for a multipurpose, high quality and free to use template to build some video tutorials. It should be responsive and have at least a. Setup. We will be using the following fields in this template. You can add them through your ProcessWire administration interface. The following is a list of field.

It provides the API functions available in the admin control panel under Setup > Templates. Use the $templates API variable to retrieve, modify, create or delete. Processwire uses a very simple way of generating html output. The final page layout consists of: The header file ( The template file (any of the templates inside site/templates folder) Introduction - Why Processwire? - Settings - General. The only difference is that ProcessWire provides your template files with certain variables that you may choose to use, or not use. Most notable is the $page variable, which contains all the fields of text or other information contained by the page being viewed.

1 Feb In this beginner's tutorial you'll learn about creating your own ProcessWire CMS themes. We'll create a super simple site, covering templates. You want to add fields to a certain template, bypassing the admin interface. Solution. Add several fields to template via API // Bootstrap ProcessWire include('. ProcessWire gives simpler and stronger control over your pages, fields, templates and markup at any scale. And it provides a powerful template system that.


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